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Natural Banana Fibre

we manufacture a large range of natural banana fibre
* our natural banana fibre is made from banana fibre stems
* our banana fibre is available in natural & bleached qualities
* our natural banana fibre is suitable for art & crafts

We manufacture a large range of natural banana fibres Natural banana fibres for yarn and fibre stores. Natural banana fibres available also in yarn form. We manufacture natural banana fibres that are suitable for various art and crafts. Natural banana fibre for various applications available in natural as well as dyed colors.
Our Natural Banana Fibbers are used by Fibre Artists. We supply our Banana Fibres in Raw, Washed and Semi Bleached Forms. We manufacture and supply a large range of Natural Banana Fibre Our Banana Fibre is available in Dyed and Undyed qualities

  • Specification:

    100% natural fibre
    Moisture : 15% max. No Fungus, Natural colour.
    Length: average 3-4 feet
    Packing: 50kg/ PP bag x 24MT/Container 40ft or as your requests
    Delivery: within 10days since receiving deposit.


    Properties of Banana Fibre

    Tenacity: 29.98 g/denier
    Fineness: 17.15
    Moisture Regain: 13.00%
    Elongation: 6.54
    Alco-ben Extractives: 1.70%
    Total Cellulose: 81.80%
    Alpha Cellulose: 61.50%
    Residual Gum: 41.90%
    Lignin: 15.00%



    Banana fibre is used for the following purposes:

    • To make currencies, bond papers , and specialty papers which can last for 100 years.
    • As a very good replacement for wood pulp in paper industry, as it has high cellulose content, thus reducing the Environmental impact of deforestation.
    • In making composite materials as a replacement for fibre glass.
    • For manufacturing mattresses, pillows and cushions in the furniture industry.
    • In handicraft, extensively for making bags, purse, mobile phone cover, door mats, curtains, and yoga mats etc.
    • In the manufacture of textiles. (Yarn)
    • Can be used in the Paper and Pulp industry
    • Can be used as a Natural Water purifier
    • For bio remediation and recycling
    • For Printing money
    • In the textile industry, it can be used as a base material for attractively patterned cloth such as Shirts, Bedding, Household textiles, socks, etc.
    • In Small scale Art and handicraft industries
    • In the production of Rope cordage, Yarns, Abrasive backing paper, Tea Bags and Shoes
    • Ecologically, natural resources are better used and involved farmers have more income. Using more banana fibre means that consumption of cotton or best (ramie, flax, hemp) fibres will decrease and that we have more land for planting foodstuffs.
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