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Thermal Paper

Jute Webbing

Our burlap webbing is a strong, rigid, and elegant looking non-stretch fabric commonly used for upholstery for things such as seats, backs, belts, tote bags, luggage racks, and other craft applications. The jute webbing we offer is about 3.5" wide, as well as other sizes, and we have the biggest variety of colors on offer in the industry! Our selection includes your choices of red, black, blue, natural, and green!

Upholster with webbing

For the expert upholsterer, upholstery webbing is like our bread and butter. Upholstery webbing is the material found in most sitting furniture, such as chairs or sofas, that is used to create a firm seat for the cushion. Without webbing, your furniture projects won’t have that same firmness and your furniture would be unusable. Good webbing should have the right combination of strength and flexibility for your project. You want the webbing to be firm enough for comfortable seating yet flexible enough not to break under pressure.

Types of webbing

For your upholstery webbing needs, we are delighted to offer a selection of jute webbing, rubber webbing, upholstery webbing, and accessories to suit a wide variety of projects. Jute webbing has long been the most popular type of webbing found in most upholstery projects. Jute is an all natural fiber derived from plants. This material can be used to create extremely strong bands that make excellent webbing. In fact, for many years jute was the only material used as webbing in furniture projects. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that we began to see the creation of other synthetic webbings.
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